Sunday, September 13, 2009

A global call to youth by Project Jatropha Team

We are asking all youth from each and every corner of the globe to take responsibility and participate in the fight against climate change by planting at least one useful seedling. Let's plant one seedling at a time. You can start at your own backyard, school, or anywhere-you pick the place. If you try to understand the magnitude of the situation, and the difference that one action can make and how that action can influence others, then you can find a place to plant even one seedling. We are asking individuals, groups, organizations, schools to join us in this venture. If you do decide to do so, please let us know by dropping an email or writing on our blog so that we can include you as a participant member in this effort. We are setting a goal to plant one million trees in 10 years. Project Jatropha has kick-started this endeavor by planting 15,000 seedlings in Kirijaji and Thippalapura, two villages in South India. Please visit our web site to see the details. To help us achieve our goal, we will contact as many local schools as possible. In addition, we are also donating useful seedlings to selected schools which need financial assistance for buying plants. Please contact us and join the fight against climate change.

The ways in which you can help:

1.Planting seedlings and letting us know

2. Donating funds (which are tax-deductible, thanks to our NPO status) to purchase seedlings

3. Volunteering to help us plant in different schools

Adarsha Shivakumar


  1. Hi Project Jatropha Team,
    first of all, nice outlook for the blog! This article looks very interesting. I think you can pull this off. Are you promoting Jatropha cultivation through the global call as well? That might be a very good idea.However, growing plants in east coast is not that simple unless you can take care of it. This is because of snow. How are you planning on fund raising for this issue?

    If you have the back up of youth celebrities this might click. Please keep the followers updated about this tree planting idea. Good luck!

  2. Hi Project Jatropha Team,
    There is this Eco Company TV in Northern CA and they have advertised that they are looking for an environmental project to show. It is worthwhile to write to them. It is on T4PE site. Check it out.