Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Answers and Explanations

Dear Dorris Eaton Families,

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response. It's certainly a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Pentopoulos tells me that donations are pouring in, and this means a lot to us.

With regard to your concerns about the tax issues, yes, we have attained a nonprofit status due to the generous sponsorship of the Sirona Cares Foundation. Your donations are tax deductible no matter which project you plan on supporting. We have different projects which need your help. All the funds collected will go into one account, so if you are paying by check, please make the check payable to Project Jatropha.

The Global Call to Youth is the massive tree planting project. We are teaming up with Ms. Michelle Lacourciere, Executive Director of the Sirona Cares Foundation, our sponsor, to accomplish our goal. We are exploring all the possibilities to involve youth around the globe to participate in this project. One such effort is the planting of useful fruit saplings in orphanages and rural schools in Haiti, India, and in schools in low income neighborhoods in the Bay Area. We have already started this project in India. We have planted useful saplings in three rural schools near our project site. If you are particular about where your funds need to go, all you need to do is write an email to one of us and we will guarantee the funds will be used to provide saplings to the area of your interest. If you can sponsor more than 10 saplings for local schools and are interested in knowing the details about your sponsorship, we can even inform you what kind of saplings and where they are planted by a personal email. If you have any questions about the Global Call to Youth, please don't hesitate to send an email to me at adarsha@projectjatropha.com.

The Branching Out Movement is relatively new. This is involved with more humanitarian approach. For this, the Project Jatropha team collects clothing, flip flops and children books for the kids in orphanages in Haiti. Yes, these donations are tax deductible too. If you want more information about this please email callie@projectjatropha.com

I hope I have answered almost all of your concerns. We are very grateful for your donations. Please keep them coming.


Our Advisor, and partner Michelle Lacourciere 's work is featured in Silicon Valley Mercury News!!Please read the entire article by visiting


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  1. Hi Adarsha,
    Thanks for your answers. We are glad that the money that my kid donated, though it is not a lot will go into the tree planting project.
    I was browsing through your web pages. The pictures look very nice. You guys are doing a great job and my kids are hoping to get into CPS too.

    DES Mom