Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Luck to the Senior Octet of the College Preparatory School: Music Speaks 2010 Audition

Dear Blog Followers,

The YouTube video posted above is from the Senior Octet of our school comprising of Jacob Wilson, Aaron Pang, Mitchell Leoung, Tatianna Rosenblatt, Maya Ramachandran, Karli Anderson, and Nick Spears. They are auditioning for the Charity Competition called Music Speaks 2010 and would like to share this video. Music Speaks is a charity concert to raise money and awareness about Autism. The competing groups also get to choose a charity to donate to, and they have chosen Project Jatropha. We are very grateful for their choice, and wish them the best of luck. Once again, many thanks to the Senior Octet.
Project Jatropha Team


  1. Apoorva,

    Have you guys watched your interview in the episode 31 of the Green Screen. Here is the link

  2. Hey Adarsha,
    I was listening to NPR talk of the`nation today about conditions in Haiti.I don't think you could listen as you were at school. I am sending you the link for you to read. This reminded me of an earlier comment by Mr. Subbanana. This is about sustainable solution versus charity. If the NPO's constant presence in Haiti will work as a charity, will that be a problem? I distinctly remember that your Sponsor, Sirona works in Haiti right? Can you please ask her to post her opinion on your blog about her experience and input about charity versus sustainable solution in Haiti? I tried posting a comment on her blog and for some reason it is not registering.
    I saw this years work. It looks great. However, as Subbanana said, you should focus on the environmental aspect rather than shifting to charity.