Monday, June 15, 2009

An incredibly important update by Project Jatropha

Dear subscribers, viewers, and fans of Project Jatropha,
We bring you good news-with the pre-monsoon rainfalls having occurred, the first 7000 seedlings of Phase II have been planted successfully. The other 5000 seedlings of Phase II will be planted this summer when the first monsoon rainfall occurs-and that time, Apoorva and I will be there to supervise the whole process and check in on the progress of 5000 plants planted for Phase II and the 1000 plants from Phase I as well.
I'd also like to apologize for the lack of blog posts during the first few months of the blog. I could not update the status of Project Jatropha due to time constraints created by all of my schoolwork, since I do this project independently of any school work. However, when Apoorva and I go to India, we will give updates every other day on the progress of our project. When the school year starts up, our updates will reduce to around once a week.



  1. Hi Project Jatropha Team,

    Great progress there kiddos! Can you post some pictures of the project on the blog? Can you please let me know the dates of your India stay so that I can explore if I can meet you. Even if I can't meet you guys, I want to visit your project sites. I will see if I can take a couple of farmers to see the project.

    It is not easy to motivate the farmers. I am just pleasantly surprised with your success. As the farmers get rice and wheat at an incredibly low price, they just want to use that opportunity to eat and rest! No kidding guys! Some times I tell my wife that you have a magic wand. Keep up the good work.

    I read the articles you recommended. They are interesting indeed. Giving a regular update of the project on the blog spot is crucial for the success. sooner or later it will catch the attention of some environmentalists.


  2. This is an incredible news indeed. I am a fan of Project Jatropha. Rajiv is planning on a trip this summer to see if we can do a similar work. I will be in Uc Davis attending a research program this summer. I will keep reading your blog. Good luck.