Friday, June 26, 2009

Project Jatropha announces the creation of Project Teak

The Project Jatropha team would like to introduce a new sister project, Project Teak, which will work in conjunction with Project Jatropha to help alleviate rural poverty in Southern India. Teak trees, which are tropical hardwood trees, are famous and valued for their weather resistance, and are subsequently used in outdoor furniture. In India, teak wood is used in door and window frames, the aforementioned furniture, and columns and beams, due to its durability. The trees take 20-25 years to fully mature, but are then worth large amounts of money.In addition to teak trees, Project Teak is also distributing silver oak trees, which are also used in furniture. Much like teak trees, silver oaks take many years to mature, but are worth large amounts of money in the end.Project Teak works with Project Jatropha by providing a large future source of revenue for farmers compared to the (relative to Project Teak) more immediate and short term economic benefits of Jatropha curcas. Already, Project Jatropha has distributed 1000 teak seedlings and 1000 silver oak seedlings to the 5 farmers of Phase I and several farmers in Phase II as a goodwill gesture and as a way to encourage participation.



  1. Congratulations Project Jatropha Team!!
    This is Mrs. Andorra again. What a great way to expand the project! No0w that you are way ahead in the project, I am assuming you might need more hands. My boys Joseph and Adam are eagerly waiting to join you. Please let us know how we can help. If we are a part of the management team, we can help with fund raising.

  2. Hi Project Jatropha Team,
    It is great that you have started Teak project. When are you guys traveling to India? I am in UC Davis from past 10 days. You are more than welcome to visit me. I have some great ideas that I want to share with you all. Where did you buy the Teak plants from ? Does Labland Biotechs offer them too? Are you going to shift to Terak from Jatropha?

  3. Looks very promising, congrats on your progress. We have developed two mechanical harvesters and would be glad to help with intercropping as well. We are having a workshop at one of our Florida farms December 5th- www.USCJO.com