Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Farmers' Prayers are Finally Answered!

The roads of Thippalapura and Kirijaji are wet and slippery. I walk very carefully on the muddy roads to reach the project site. I wish I could share all of the interesting stories that are happening. But due to heavy rains, I can hardly access the internet. Today I have come to a nearby town which has one small internet cafĂ© just to update the blog. It’s pouring outside and can hardly see anything. However, I can hear children shouting, singing, and playing in the rain. I wish Adarsha and Callie were here with me to witness this joyous moment. To tell you honestly, I have spent hours playing with kids in the rain. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked on the project. We have come a long way from the past two weeks. Before I arrived, the farmers had planted around 6,000 seedlings. Lack of rain had prevented them from planting the rest. It looks like I brought some luck with me! Ever since I arrived at the project site, it has been pouring. We have planted 4,000 more seedlings in the past two weeks! There’s a big line behind me waiting to access the internet. I better go now!


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