Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adarsha is the Keynote Speaker at an Environmental Youth Forum Tomorrow, Feb 17th, 2011

The California Film Institute recognizes the educational value of films, and strives to inspire young people ages 12-18 through the annual Environmental Youth Forum. This event, on February 17, 2011, will be informative, entertaining, and will also feature Brower Youth Award 2009 winner Adarsha Shivakumar as a keynote speaker.

The forum’s focus this year is ‘the commons’, or the elements in society that we all share and that we are compelled to care for – such as water and air quality, sea and land ecosystems, and so on – which is something Adarsha knows all about. He was recognized by the New Leaders Initiative after co-founding Project Jatropha, an organization dedicated to promoting the Jatropha curcas plant as an ecologically friendly and economically profitable crop among the farmers of rural India. His ingenuity, coupled with his deep understanding of the ways in which the economy and environment interact, lead him to his solution which has helped local farmers as well as to mitigate climate change in an impressive win-win situation that policy-makers the world over could learn from and duplicate.

A passionate and driven individual, it is no wonder that the California Film Institute has requested his impressive presence in an attempt to inspire and motivate other youth to effect change of their own. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see Adarsha in the flesh, speaking to causes close to his heart.

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Dear Friends,
This is a re-post of the blog entry of The Greenest generation about his talk. Good Luck Adarsha!


  1. Hi Team,
    What is up at your end?? Did not see any recent posts. May be busy right??
    Adarsha, did you choose your college yet? Are you coming to east coast?? Harvard??
    Got into Harvard, Yale and the Jerome Fisher Program for Management and Technology at Penn...
    Did you apply for that?? They take only top 50 from the U Pen right?? My parents want me to choose that or Harvard.
    Bummer I got flat out rejection from Stanford. Not even wait listed.
    Well, I know that by far Stanford is the most difficult one. Well it is like Harvard but in great sunny place. Caltech is right there and i got into that but not Stanford. Three others from PEA who got into Harvard and Yale got rejected from Stanford and Caltech too. My parents would not pay for anything other than Stanford Harvard and this program.
    Not to blow my own horn, believe me I have not shared this with many people,Can you believe I got a perfect 2400 in SAT, 800 in 7 SAT subject tests, 36 on ACT, 5 on 11 APs, I got AMC 12 perfect score two times, it is not enough for Stanford?? It is fine though. I will keep you posted.

  2. Hi Great Blog on Jatropha!

    You have loads of comments on your blog and I thought these video's may be of interest to your readers!



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