Monday, February 14, 2011

The Young Activist's Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World

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People who follow our blog are undoubtedly environmentalists who are interested in helping save our planet. I request all of you to take a look at this amazing book. I will guarantee you that you will end up buying it! It will be released on Feb 22nd but you can pre-order and reserve your copy. The link is provided on our bookshelf. This will guide you through the process of making sustainable impact on the health of our planet. I am reposting the product description here.
Product Description
A powerful and practical guide to environmental activism featuring proven strategies and lessons learned from the winners of Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Awards—America’s top honor for young green leaders.
Some of the world’s most inspiring and effective leaders aren’t even old enough to vote. In The Young Activist’s Guide, the director of Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Awards distills the hard-won lessons of its youth leaders into clear and effective strategies for getting organized, taking action, and making environmental changes that matter. This easy-to-follow, definitive resource explains how to plan a campaign, recruit supporters, hold a rally, raise money, attract media attention, pass legislation, lobby politicians, and more to make a significant and sustainable impact on the health of our planet.
All author proceeds from the sale of this book go to Earth Island Institute's Brower Youth Awards to support the next generation of young activists.

About the Author
SHARON J. SMITH is program advisor for Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Awards, a program that honors the best and brightest environmental leaders in the United States under 23 years of age. She has worked extensively with youth and student networks in the global justice, peace, and environmental movements.


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